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The phone number is an important piece of information. It allows us to contact you concerning job opportunities. It also allows our system to send you automatic alerts when you are selected for a mission. Please fill your current phone number and do not forget to modify it if you change it.
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Fill your current address. The fields "city" and "country" are mandatory. This allows recruiters to search for you by location. Do not forget to update your address if you move.
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Do not select your own country in this field, we assume that you are legally able to work if you have a passport. Just add the foreign countries for which you have a specific working permit/visa.
Add all languages in which you are fluent enough to teach courses. Place your native language first and then click again on the field each time you want to add another one. Only add teaching languages in this field, you will fill your other languages below.
Add other languages in this field. Select a level for each one and click "add another item" each time you want to add an other one.
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